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If you are a professor at a U.S. Law School teaching a pre-trial course, you should have received a complimentary copy of this book. If not, you may contact your LexisNexis Publishing representative to request one. If you would like to purchase the Skills & Values: Discovery Practice book, you may do so through the LexisNexis Bookstore.



Flexible & Interactive

Online Site

S&V Discovery Practice is a hybrid textbook, with only the essential information printed in the book, and the rest - rules, cases, and examples - provided in a full-featured online site for students to use as they take the course. This way, they learn by doing.

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Simulates Real Practice

Simulation Based

S&V Discovery Practice includes a rich problem set of materials which allows students to learn the law of discovery by practicing it in the context of a simulated litigation. Students draft and serve their discovery documents, and this way, they are engaged in active learning.

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Examples from the Skills & Values: Discovery Practice book

Video Examples

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The videos provided here include the Author talking about his goals for the book, and how he uses it in his own Discovery course. It also includes examples of the types of videos that are available to students and faculty in the online component that is included with the book.

Using Video to teach students how to take Depositions

Instruction through the use of video examples can be a very effective teaching method, particularly in a practice-focused course such as Discovery Practice. Students can see what they are supposed to be doing, and quickly pick up on what is not working. They can be particularly effective if the professor leads a discussion and provides commentary and guidance immediately after showing the video in class.

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